Sadie’s Cowardice over July Fourth

Cabin pack

My little snuggle bunny, Sadie, struggled over the fourth of July. First of all, she shook in my lap as fireworks burst into the air over Lake Dillon. Her fear started as a puppy at my mom’s house. She raced into the house and hid downstairs, wedged between the fireplace and the wall trembling. Yes, my poor little cocker spaniel does not like July Fourth.

To make matters worse, she was bullied by a little Yorkie, Razzy. Razzy is actually a very sweet dog and did not yap or bite at Sadie. She just nudged Sadie out of her food and Sadie immediately gave up. Why? I have no idea. Razzy is fourteen years old and has lost most of her teeth.

Throughout this week, Sadie stayed close to me. She followed me around and was my loyal companion. She only ate her food when I put some egg on it. I was so worried, but when we got home, she ate her food and was back to her old self.

A coward. But she’s my little coward and I love her.

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  1. Jessica Aspen

    Poor Sadie! Bullied by a dog with no teeth. She’s such a sweetie. 🙂

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