Sadie, the Snuggler

Sadie the Snuggler
Sadie the Snuggler

I love it when I crawl into bed and my cocker spaniel, Sadie the Snuggler, crawls up next to me after I’ve had a sad or a busy day. Yesterday was both. She keeps close to my side and seems to say — It’s okay woman. I’m here for you.

She’s loyal. Doesn’t ask questions. Just wants to be there.

At night, when I’m up late, she’ll come down and look at me — Are you coming?

When I take her places, she follows me and has to make sure I’m there. People pays lots of money to therapists, but I find the best therapy I’ve received is snuggling next to little Sadie.

What about your dog? Snuggler? Great therapist?




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  1. Bebe Gray

    My soul heart dog is Zeke, the Italian Greyhound mix. Ever since I took ahold of his leash I could never let go. After the alarm goes off in the morning he sits on my back til I get up! My two other loves are a poodle, Larue and a black cat, Bearcat (who thinks he is a dog.)

    1. MLGuida

      What a great family!

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