Yard Work

Took ten bags to cover this little piece of yard.
Took ten bags to cover this little piece of yard.
Moved backyard.
Mowed backyard.

Yard work. Its never ending. I thought I’d love to do yard work: moving the lawn, trimming bushes, raking leaves and gardening. Finding its much harder than I thought. I like to plant flowers and plan on going flower shopping today. I love looking out my front door and admiring my flowers in my pots on my small patio.

Some of my favorite flowers are red begonias because they remind me of roses. I also have kept a jasmine plant alive for the past three years. Sometimes its been difficult.

Yesterday, I bought red wood chips and put them around my maple tree. Ten bags, but I think I need more. One good wind storm and they’ll be scattered. I live next to open space and need something to keep back the weeds. I hate to admit I’m losing the battle. I wonder if Dean Winchester knows how to kill weeds. Maybe they’re a supernatural demon. Oh, Dean…

Anyway, the lawn’s mowed and my aching back can take a rest. Until tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to trim bushes.

What are you favorite summer flowers? And are you a yard work hater or lover?

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