Hello New York, The U.S.S. Enterprise has left. Where are you?

Amazon is doing a positive gesture for their authors by sending reader’s emails to announce authors’ new releases. They boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise and left for new worlds of readers. Good for Amazon. They get it. Cornered the market.

However, how does the traditional New York Publishing houses respond – they jack up their prices. They still want readers to purchase the hardbacks where they make most of their profits so they increase the cost of the e-book. Not cool NY.

I was all ready to purchase Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new book, Styxx, until I saw the kindle price – $ 12.00, $ 12.00 for a kindle book. The hard back is $ 16.88 which is supposed to be a steal. No, it’s not a steal. It’s being manipulative and I don’t like being manipulated.

New York is still not getting the picture. I recently went to a conference where Kristen Lamb spoke and she said that NY was still back in the land of paper and has not gotten on the shuttle to our century. I agree.

The Enterprise has left.

Yes, there are readers who like to hold books, but when these same readers purchase e-book readers, their preferences change. I have readers say this when I have been at book signings. Their question is always can I get this book on my kindle, nook, iPad? Makes me also wonder about doing book signings. Also, these same readers do not want to pay 12.00 for an e-book. Not when they’re are indie books out their for 3.99 or less for full length books. Yes, some people will more, but I believe this group is getting smaller and will go the way of the do do bird.

However, when I compare Amazon to NY, I have to wonder who is taking care of their authors. Amazon is finding ways to help authors. How does charging outrageous prices for e-books help your authors NY? Plan and simple. It doesn’t.

I’ve met Sherrilyn Kenyon and she is an absolutely wonderful person. She’s kind, sweet and a hard worker. She is a pioneer in the paranormal world of romance. This is not helping her. She would sell more books if the kindle price was 6.99. I’d hit that buy button without hesitation.

How do the rest of you feel? I’m not rolling in the dough and will have to wait for the price to drop, if it drops.

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