Holidays! Some of my favorite things…

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we are all running around buying gifts, decorating our homes and sending out Christmas cards. This year will probably be no different. However, I this its important to remember the meaning of the holidays. It’s not gifts, but spending time with family and appreciating what we have. During these economic times, I think people get depressed on what they can and cannot afford. I know I’m one of them, but I’m trying to look at the little things that make me happy such as listening to KOSI’s Christmas music, watching It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart and admiring my Christmas tree.

I have ornaments I have bought from all the places I’ve been – Scotland, England, Australia, France, Italy – and every time, I look at them, I remember my trips. My mother used to buy us an oranment every year and when I hang one up, I remember those times as a kid when I couldn’t sleep. One Christmas, I thought it was 6:00 am and it was only 12:30 am, and Santa had already put out the gifts. Now try telling a little kid to go back to sleep!

What are your favorite memories and what are the little things that bring a smile to your face?

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  1. Jessica Aspen

    Favorite memories? I remember the old fake tree we had. After too many years of heavy ornaments, the lower branches wouldn’t stay up, so one year I used loops of rubber bands to tie them to the upper branches. Multi colored rubber bands, of course! That tree went for another fifteen years, amazing!

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