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Jessica, me, Kristyn, SuzyA few days ago, my critique partner, Jessica Aspen and I were sitting in one of our favorite haunts, Mojo’s Coffee House,  in Lafayette, Colorado, talking about Kristen Lamb and her blogs and the conference we planned on attending when a woman commented on our conversation. She was actually a friend of Kristen’s and offered to introduce us to her on Thursday. Both of our mouths dropped open. Not only were we excited but we started reviewing our conversation on what we were talking about. Sometimes we turn into mean girls. Were we being mean girls? Luckily, we weren’t or we wouldn’t have been offered this wonderful opportunity.

Tonight, we met Kristen Lamb and we laughed our asses off. How often do you get to meet the person who you read her blog everyday? She offered advice and talked about her own writing journey. But more important we talked about the woes of being an author, about being a mother, about being a woman. She struggled with finding clothes, in fact, compares herself to being a Russian gymnast. I, on the other hand, have started becoming a short Italian woman from the old country. Okay, I need to work out. I admit it. But hey I love my red wine and dark chocolate. I thought they were supposed to be good for you? Do you mean they have calories?

Anyway, I told Kristen I struggled with knowing what to blog about and she said she’d teach me on Saturday. Oh, did I forget? She’s coming this Saturday, May 18th, to do a conference for Heart of Denver ( and the Colorado Romance Writers. Stop by the Heart of Denver website and sign up. She’s a hoot! Feisty and funny.

I’m ready to get started.

This whole process tells me how small the writing world is. I’m sad to say the woman who reached out to Jessica and I has not received the same warm reception that I hope we gave her. We were honored and thrilled.  However, this same woman met a group of writers who she tried to talk to at Mojo’s but they snubbed her. They were more important.

News to writers. First of all, this is being rude. Second, do you want people to buy your books? Then don’t act like your from Mt. Olympus. Who do you think your readers are?

Plus, those writers missed a wonderful opporunity for networking. Did they know who she was? This is a woman who had connections. This is a woman who knows Kristen Lamb. This is a woman whose book is being published next month. This is a kind woman who offered Jessica and I a fabulous opportunity and I thank her.

Next time when you’re in a coffee shop, watch your p’s and q’s because you don’t know who maybe listening. You don’t know where that next connection will be made. And you don’t know where that next connection will be lost.

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  1. Jessica Aspen

    I had a ton of fun Thursday! Love hanging out with smart women and I’m looking forward to Saturday and our mini-con with Kristen. WOOT!

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