ML Guida’s New Release: Madness Unhinged: Jack’s Back!

Jack’s Back

My new release, Madness Unhinged, is out, and it’s a Jack the Ripper story. This time, Jack’s an alien and he’s hunting in modern day Colorado. He’s determined to murder all the Dragons of Zalarian’s designated mates. Only Hoss, the chief security officer of the Orion, can stop him. But time is running out for him, since his mate is on Jack’s list. His curvy little mate is an Arvada Homicide Detective and her number one suspect in the murders is Hoss.

Jack’s back. Only a dragon can stop him.

Tower of London

Jack the Ripper has always been a fascination for me, so writing the story was fun. I researched the murders and even went on a tour in London. What struck me was that the murders took place close to the Tower of London, which definitely was one of the most castles places I have ever visited. I loved the ghost stories. One of my favorite stories was of Anne Boleyn. Supposedly, Anne walks around the grounds, holding her head. If you get a chance visit the Tower, I promise you won’t forget it and definitely go on the Jack the Ripper tour!

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